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Emona Instruments has been appointed the Australian and New Zealand distributor of CAMI Research’s CableEye range of PC-based cable test systems. CableEye PC-based systems take full advantage of the PC's color graphic display, high-speed computation, and mass storage to provide a complete cable and wire harness management system. CAMI  cable testing systems cover basic continuity measurement, continuity measurement with resistance, and high voltage testing. All models offer live graphic wiring display of the measured cable, and on-line cable database, schematic and label printing, data logging, and a built-in scripting system for automatic control and production testing.

Features of the cable test systems include:

  • The low voltage testers can be expanded to over 2000 test points
  • The high voltage testers can be expanded to 512 points
  • Numerous plug-in boards and test accessories make the cable test systems highly flexible and adaptable to may test applications
  • All cable test systems include a USB interface with software, one-year warranty, one year of free tech support and software upgrades
  • The cable test systems are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. 36-page catalog available on request
CAMI’s popular Model M3U cable test systems check wire resistance against preset thresholds, embedded resistors , diode orientation, and diode forward voltage. Model HVX in addition performs a high voltage test at up to 1500 vDC and 1000 vAC to check insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown.

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