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Automated testing and tagging system

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article image The ProTag testing and tagging system.

THE Seaward ProTag testing and tagging system is Australia's only fully automated portable appliance safety testing system, according to distributor Emona Instruments .

It tests portable appliances to AS3760, prints durable test tags on-site in seconds and downloads test results to a PC for computerised record keeping.

The ProTag system allows users to process up to 30 appliances an hour, which provides significant efficiency gains and reduces costs on traditional AS3760 appliance safety testing and tagging.

The system consists of several components. The Seaward Supernova XE 3760 appliance tester, PatGuard record keeping software, ProTag test tag printer and a barcode scanner.

The Seaward Supernova XE 3760 has been designed to comply to AS/NZ3760:2001. From its results recording and download capabilities to its user-friendly interface, the Supernova XE offers maximum scope for ensuring complete and accurate testing, whether construction tools or sensitive IT equipment form the basis of your PATS program.

The Seaward ProTag thermal transfer printer prints durable and permanent synthetic test tags on-site directly from the Supernova XE appliance tester.

Perform the test and print the tag in seconds. Savings on test tags alone will pay for the printer in no time as ProTag test tags are less than half the price of typical vinyl tags, Emona says.

The tags are printed with the appliance number, appliance number bar code, test date, user name and test status. Users can even customise the test tag with an organisation's logo loaded permanently in the printer's memory and printed on every test tag.

The PatGuard record keeping software uses an extremely easy "drag and drop" user interface to provide powerful data storage, and fast test and next test due reporting. It also allows users to easily email test reports for information distribution to colleagues or clients.

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