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EMI/EMC testing and services from Emi Solutions

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Emi Solutions  offers products developers and designers for EMI/EMC testing of products on site. Emi Solutions also help in solving Emi and EMC problems before designing the products. Emi Solutions with help of experienced engineers and staff designs electronic products, PCB layout for EMC compliance, EMC prototype testing. Emi Solutions provides qualified professionals for EMC testing phase at local, testing facilities.

Emi Solutions offers complete services. Emi Solutions reviews test reports and effective changes to get the product through next test and helps in easy production. Emi Solutions visits the premises and tests radiated emissions, static compliance and conducted emissions before formal EMC test.

Other services offered by Emi Solutions include reviewing of existing design and recommend changes for EMC and test the site. PCBs and basic prototypes as a part of a system is also built by Emi Solutions. Emi Solutions tests individual PCBs as a part of system and recommends the changes to be made. Before designing and solving the problem, Emi Solutions reviews the product and PCBs designs.

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