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EMERSON Process Management has launched the revolutionary CSI 9210 Machinery Health transmitter.

The new transmitter is the cornerstone of Smart Machinery Health Management, a new class of digital automation technology designed to improve plant operations and maintenance, including the prevention of unplanned shutdowns.

Smart Machinery Health Management extends Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant architecture by placing predictive diagnostics into intelligent transmitters that monitor and analyse rotating equipment health.

The transmitters deliver actionable information to operations and maintenance personnel for use in preventing production upsets before they occur.

The innovative CSI 9210 is the first FOUNDATION fieldbus transmitter that diagnoses conditions including motor-pump bearing failure, coupling misalignment, motor electrical failure, pump cavitation and pump imbalance.

Unplanned production shutdowns are expensive, costing $1 million or more per day in some industries, according to Emerson. Industry statistics point to mechanical failure as the cause of most of plant incidents.

Typical process plants include 2500 machines, with 60% being motor-pump combinations. Emerson is addressing motor-pump machines that are essential to operations in chemical, oil and gas, refining, power, pulp and paper and other process industries.

The new device uses an embedded analysis engine to accurately identify potentially damaging conditions. Results are communicated to process automation systems and AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager predictive diagnostics software, giving users unprecedented real-time access to the true condition of their motor-pump assets.

With this real-time information, plant operators are able to easily view rotating equipment status, recognise issues with machinery and take actions to improve availability and performance.

Motor-pumps are traditionally monitored only infrequently and repaired when they fail.

Emerson's Smart Machinery Health Management extends the innovative PlantWeb digital plant architecture by:

* Rotating equipment expertise is embedded in intelligent digital field transmitters

* Diagnostic information is communicated from the field devices via industry standard FOUNDATION fieldbus protocol

* Operations and maintenance information is displayed in DeltaV and Ovation process automation systems with integrated AMS Suite asset management software.

The CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter joins the CSI 4500 Machinery Health Monitor to enable management of essential and critical rotating equipment, the most typical source of failure and cost of maintenance in a plant.

Emerson combines world-class services with PlantWeb to help users apply field-based information. Services include installation supervision, configuration and startup, training and ongoing support.

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