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Expanded Coriolis hygienic meter line

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EMERSON Process Management has extended its selection of the Micro Motion® H-Series line by offering the 15 Ra electro-polished surface finish on its 2-inch line size hygienic Coriolis meter.

This new addition expands the H-Series line by offering all five line sizes with the electro-polished finish.

For customers needing high-performance flow measurement in hygienic applications, this new Micro Motion Coriolis meter offers customers the ideal solution for applications in need of excellent accuracy and reliability, as required in biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications, and for the measurement of ultra-pure gas.

Like the rest of the Micro Motion H-Series line, this new Coriolis sensor provides outstanding accuracy for mass flow, density, and volume flow measurement, coupled with being drainable and ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) applications.

This solution expands the power of Emerson's PlantWeb digital architecture and, using Micro Motion MVD technology, the H-Series meter delivers:

* Mass flow accuracy up to ±0.1%.

* Volume flow accuracy up to ±0.15% on liquids.

* Mass flow accuracy of ±0.5% on gases.

* Liquid density accuracy up to ±0.001g/cc.

With no moving parts to wear out or break down, no intrusive parts, and with no special flow or piping requirements, Micro Motion H-Series meters offer an outstanding, overall hygienic metering solution.

Micro Motion H-Series meters are designed to meet strict sanitary standards. They are certified by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG) and 3-A authorised. Furthermore, Micro Motion H-Series meters are constructed according to strict ASME guidelines for bio-processing equipment.

All Micro Motion H-Series meters are constructed from 100% 316L stainless steel wetted parts for excellent cleanability and chemical compatibility with process fluids and cleaning solutions.

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