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EMERSON Process Management has launched Version 7.0 of its AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager, a core application that powers the predictive capability of PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

Version 7.0 expands the reach of predictive technology by enabling AMS Device Manager to support Emerson's new Smart Remote Automation technology and also by increasing connectivity options including High Speed Ethernet (HSE) interface for FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.

AMS Device Manager Version 7.0 supports all HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, including Emerson's unique new transmitter that delivers diagnostic information to enable display of health and status of motor-pumps.

Real-time HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus information is integrated in a single application that includes a single alert monitor to watch over all devices and one audit trail that maintains accurate records of those devices. This unified approach means that one set of work practices can be established for all instrument management.

Features include:

* A new system interface supports PlantWeb digital architecture for Smart Remote Operations, enabling easy access to diagnostics at remote sites and real-time connection to centralised operations centres.

Remote applications include offshore platforms, wellheads, and water and wastewater facilities that extend beyond the confines of the typical process plant.

* High Speed Ethernet (HSE) interface allows FOUNDATION fieldbus devices to be incorporated into AMS Device Manager through connectivity options such as the Rosemount 3420 Fieldbus Interface Module.

This interface enables communication with multiple fieldbus devices for configuration and diagnostic purposes, even if the plant's current control system does not support fieldbus technology.

Plants can use the best of both HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices while consistently employing best practices through AMS Device Manager.

* Increased openness continues connectivity to all HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices - AMS device manager now supports 26 multiplexer interfaces, providing users with the industry's most unconstrained access to field-based diagnostic data

Additional functionality of AMS Device Manager version 7.0 includes:

* AMS Device Manager can now warn of developing problems with motor-pump machine trains through health and diagnostic information provided by the CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter.

Information is displayed continuously to operations and maintenance personnel who can take action to optimise operation and maintenance to avoid plant upsets.

* An enhanced AMS ValveLink SNAP-ON application enables users to continuously monitor Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers to obtain complete performance diagnostics from valves while in operation.

* Expansion of already robust calibration capabilities of AMS Device Manager to include calibration of FOUNDATION fieldbus devices and mass flow devices.

* AMS Device Manager adds an extra level of security when used with PlantWeb architecture's smart Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Already a proven tool for automatic logging of proof test results and more efficient checkout of safety instrumented functions, version 7.0 adds new user security and device access protection that provides enhanced performance with the DeltaV safety logic solver.

AMS Device Manager enables users to reduce the time required to troubleshoot, configure and calibrate field devices through easy access to device diagnostics and best-in-class user interface.

Users can more effectively deploy their maintenance resources with the lasting effect of improved overall availability of their plants.

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