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EMERSON Process Management has released the Fisher Type i2P-100, an electro-pneumatic transducer that can convert various milliamp input signals to a switch-selectable proportional pneumatic output signal for lower pneumatic supply consumption.

The transducer is approved for use with natural gas because of its dual compartments with an explosive fluid seal between the explosive/corrosive process fluid and the module electronics. An integral pneumatic relay provides the high capacity necessary to drive pneumatic control valve/actuator assemblies without additional volume boosters or positioners. A selectable dip switch can be set for a standard output range of three to 15 or six to 30 psi and the selectable two-way split range uses either half of the standard input signal.

The explosion-proof housing meets NEMA 4X, IP66 requirements. The transducer is a free-flow pilot stage design with large internal air passages that provide excellent tolerance of a dirty pneumatic supply by reducing the effects of contaminant buildup and erosion. The external primary orifice and replaceable five micron filter are easy to remove for service and maintenance. Electronic and converter modules are contained in separate housing compartments, isolating the electronics from the process and allowing easy replacement in the field for reduced maintenance costs.

The plug-in converter module uses small parts of minimum mass, which are balanced symmetrically around a pivot point at the center of the mass. This balanced arrangement, when used in a standard valve/actuator mounted application, results in a high performance instrument that reduces sensitivity to vibration.

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