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Siren units from Emergency & Safety Systems

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Emergency & Safety Systems  supplies different types of siren units. Microcomm2 siren unit provides either single or dual ampere operation and functions by employing MOSFET technology. Different features of this siren unit include air horn, remote switch, PA operation and available in conjunction with several other features like adjacent backlighting, scroll mode, instant on and park kill.

Remote lighted siren provided by Emergency & Safety Systems is available in conjunction with features such as timed output, standard siren tones, plug in microphone, built in self test, auxillary relay module, cut off module, output short circuit protection and selectable hit. This siren is available with virtual control head kit that enables to control Remote Lighted Siren as well as interface system via laptop.

Fire service equipment from Emergency & Safety Systems includes portable dams and monitors. Portable dams are available in varying litres ranging from 1900 litres to about 19000 litres. These dams have been constructed using heavy duty vinyl and consist of self supporting floating collar. This dam can be installed easily and consist of features including ground sheet, separate carry bag, volume pumps and suction hose. Sentinel monitors from Emergency & Safety Systems are made of stainless steel with total size ranging to about 40 millimetres.

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