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AEC-6710 embedded communication controller from Embedded Technologies

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AAEON has introduced a IP-67 certified embedded communication controller, AEC-6710 of BOXER G series. AEC-6710 obtained five international patents (Germany, Japan, America, Taiwan and China) for its finned, fanless chassis design.

Good heat conduction without any moving components allows AEC-6710 to withstand temperatures up to 60oC. The curved shape creates a big area of heat release. As an X86 computer based system with an all- aluminium body and seamless joints, AEC-6710 presents the ideal in mechanical design.

AEC-6710 adopts a VIA Mark 533MHz processor and supports SDRAM DIMM system memory up to 512MB. For network connection, AEC-6710 also features one 10/100Base-TX RJ-45 connector. In addition, one customized Mini PCI for expansion, four serial ports, one USB port, line-in/line-out audio port serve as optimal I/O interfaces. Moreover, AEC-6710’s industrial grade communication controller offers industrial-level anti-vibration and anti-shock approvals.

AEC-6710 has passed Mil-Std-810F, Method 514.5, procedure 1, Cat.20, Table 514.5C-VII, Figure 514.5C (US highway trunk) vibration testing. AEC-6710 also provides isolation and surge protection. In addition, the AEC-6710 can be operated under wide temperature ranges from -15 oC to 60 oC (5oF to 140 oF) including storage temperature from -40 oC to 85 oC (-40oF to 185oF).

IP-67 is a rating of total protection from dust ingress and immersion in water up to 1m, whereby the controller can be located in harsh environments such as outdoor, heavy industrial and military applications. A powerful communication gateway, BOXER G, AEC-6710 can be used as a front-end device, connected to multiple back-end devices for 24/7 operational requirements.

The design of the AEC-6710 also has minimal contact area with the surface to which it is mounted, preventing the problem of dirt build-up and moisture collection. With the selection of industrial grade components, the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of AEC-6710 is more than 50,000 hours at 40°C ambient temperature.

AEC-6710 is a solution for the following applications: highway, parking lot, airport, subway, intelligent transportation management system, vehicle, marine, railway telemetric control and it is available from    Embedded Technologies .

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