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Wind River Workbench from Embedded Logic Solutions wins award

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Wind River Systems has announced that Wind River Workbench has been awarded the Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool by the Eclipse Foundation at EclipseCon 2008.

Wind River Systems’ commercial, Eclipse-based device software development suite was one of three finalists selected from over 55 nominations by a panel of judges from the Eclipse community.

Wind River Workbench was selected as the winner for its usability of features, completeness of solution, and the manner in which the product uniquely solves problems faced by developers of embedded device software.

Embedded systems developers encounter different problems than enterprise and desktop developers. Simulating target hardware, communicating with the target, multiple processors running different operating systems, and real-time interrupts are just a few of the unique challenges.

Wind River Workbench provides tools that address the needs of device developers. Workbench includes simulator targets for VxWorks and Wind River Linux, target management tools, multicontext and multiprocessor debugging, and real-time analysis tools.

For developers who need complete control over their run-time configurations, Wind River Workbench provides powerful kernel, patch, and file system configuration tools for Wind River platforms.

By leveraging the standards and features of the Eclipse framework, Workbench brings the power and flexibility of a modern development environment to device developers.

Based on the Eclipse platform, Wind River Workbench is a development platform that accelerates time-to-market for developers building devices with VxWorks and Wind River Linux.

Through tight integration with RTOS and Linux distributions, Workbench offers a flexible, end-to-end, open standards–based development environment for embedded device software development.

Wind River Systems products are available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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