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Wind River Systems unveils new advanced networking solution

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Wind River Systems, the leader in Device Software Optimisation (DSO), has released DSO advanced networking technology portfolio, Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies.

Leveraging technology from the company's March 2006 acquisition of privately-held Interpeak AB, Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies integrate functionality including mobility, security, wireless, and advanced IP networking capabilities–into both VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms.

This product portfolio enables the DSO full-featured, reliable, high-performing, scalable and configurable platforms.

"This product set is designed to benefit Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) who seek to improve system performance, minimise latency and footprint, and optimise time to revenue across a wide range of DSO markets for core, edge, access and endpoint network elements," said Kuljeet Kalkat, Vice President of Product Management for Wind River.

"It also provides an important stepping-stone for companies moving from proprietary hardware to COTS hardware by allowing the re-use of existing software intellectual property as it moves from one hardware platform to another. Equipment manufacturers can now meet the ever-expanding connectivity requirements, regardless of the underlying operating system."

"When Airspan Networks wanted to build a next-generation wireless WiMAX subscriber station, it found that Wind River was the only DSO vendor that could provide all of the necessary development components: real-time operating system, device management, high performance router stack and advanced networking technologies," said Paul Senior, Chief Technical Officer at Airspan Networks.

"Wind River allowed Airspan to accelerate time to market and ensure reliability of its end product with a standards-based solution that supports current and emerging networking standards."

Today Airspan is faster to market than their competition, and its WiMAX-based technology provides wireless broadband access to even the more congested metropolitan areas.

Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies include:

  • Core networking: Dual IPv4/IPv6 support – IPv6 phase2 logo certification
  • Security: IPsec, IKE v1, IKE v2, cryptography offloading, SSL, SSH, 802.1x, EAP framework, NAT, Firewall
  • Wireless networking and wireless security: 802.11 a/b/g; 802.1x, 802.11i, WPA/WPA2
  • Mobile IP: MIP home agent, foreign agent and mobile node
  • Network management: SNMPv1/v2/v3, AgentX, CLI, Web
  • Routing: Policy-based routing, virtual routing redundancy protocol (VRRP), Equal Cost Multi-Path routing (ECMP)
  • Quality of service: ALT-Q, Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

Support and availability:

Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies are available for both VxWorks and Wind River Linux platforms.

This allows developers to build application software that can easily move from project to project regardless of the underlying operating systems or hardware.

This flexibility maximises developer efficiencies and enables the re-use of valuable intellectual property.

The new advanced networking solution is available from Embedded Logic Solutions.

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