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Through-hole plating systems available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS are through-hole plating systems specially developed for the professional production of prototype and small batch production printed circuit boards. The systems are ideal for small runs and tight work areas.

Double sided and multilayer boards can quickly and easily be plated through. The selectable reverse-pulse plating creates a uniform distribution of conductive copper, which allows for smooth plating of an unlimited number of holes as small as 0.2 mm (8 mils).

The LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS available from Embedded Logic Solutions can be controlled via Ethernet and programmed to automatically report process information. An acoustic signal indicates the end of the process.

The Contac RS offers the large board size capacity of any LPKF plating solution, plating boards as large as 460 x 305 mm (18.0" x 12.0"), as well as a heated tank for chemical tin plating (tin plating is perfect for optimal soldering of through-hole plated circuit boards and oxidation protection). A sink bath is connected via an external water supply for the cleaning step.

The LPKF MiniContac RS handles circuit boards as large as 230 x 330 mm (9.0" x 13.0"). The system is completely closed and needs no external connections.

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