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Software USB testing tool available from Embedded Logic

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Jungo's Software Connectivity Business Unit, a provider of USB software protocol stacks, driver development tools and testing tools, has released version 1.0 of its USBTester product line.

USBTester product line consists of a software USB testing tool that enables USB developers to quickly validate their USB devices for USB compatibility, Chapter 9 conformance, mass storage functionality and performance.

With the release of version 1.0, the USBTester provides ready-made tests suites for chapter 9 tests, mass storage class tests and mass storage performance tests. In addition, the USBTester is fully integrated with the Ellisys USB Bus Analyzers to further shorten the development and debug cycles by pin-pointing the USB protocol deviations on both testing platforms.

Key features of the USBTester include:

  • Chapter 9, mass storage functionality and performance testing
  • Custom tests project – USBTester provides the ability to select and perform specific tests in a certain order and using configurable parameters
  • Easy to view test results (pass/fail) with detailed explanations
  • USB bus analyzer integration introduces an innovative and comprehensive solution

The USBTester roadmap includes:

  • Support for additional USB class drivers
  • Ability to develop proprietary tests above the USBTester test engine
  • Ability to integrate the USBTester within proprietary automated testing platforms

According to Jungo, the formal release of USBTester enables USB developers to check and increase their USB product's quality. The lack of reliable, flexible and simple testing tools for USB devices along with the USB prevalence throughout the world, encouraged Jungo's Software Connectivity Business Unit to provide a professional solution that will improve USB device quality and reduce time to market at the same time.

Version 1.0 of Jungo's USBTester product line is available from Embedded Logic.

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