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Single board computer module available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Phytec has released phyCORE-ARM9/LPC3180 Single board computer module, based on the ARM9 core LPC3180 device from NXP semiconductor.

The phyCORE-ARM9/LPC3180 available from Embedded Logic Solutions supports the 90nm ARM-9based microcontroller.

The new 32-bit MCU high-performance, low power LCP3180 ARM926EJ-S device from NXP semiconductors (founded by Philips) is the only ARM9 microcontroller that provides a vector floating-point co-processor and integrated USB OTG, as well as the ability to operate in ultra-low-power mode down to 0.9V.

The on-board MMU supports major operating systems, including Linux which is the leading major embedded OS.

Other chip-level features include 7 UARTs, SPI, I2C, a real-time clock with a separate power domain and NAND flash and DDR memory controllers.

These features make the devices particularly suitable for automotive and industrial control applications as well as medical systems.

Four different kits are also available for this new SBC module. Available kits are supported by IAR and Keil compilers, as well as Linux.

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