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Signum JTAGjet-Trace in-circuit debugger available from Embedded Logic

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Signum Systems has released real-time trace support in the ARM RealView Microcontroller Development Kit using the Signum JTAGjet-Trace in-circuit debugger.

The Signum JTAGjet-Trace available from Embedded Logic Soluitons is a real-time, transparent in-circuit debugger which supports all ARM7 and ARM9 processor-based devices equipped with the Embedded Trace Macrocell ETM at speeds of up to 400 MHz.

It is available with real-time trace buffer sizes of 256K, 1M, 2M and 4M frames; each frame is time-stamped enabling CPU cycle accuracy.

ETM allows detailed program execution to be recorded and saved in real time to be later displayed within a new µVision debugger trace window allowing detailed analysis of program path and variable values, which are both indispensable in locating even elusive software bugs.

ETM trace is becoming popular in new ARM processor-based MCU devices from vendors such as NXP LPC2xxx and STMicroelectronics (STR9x), this additional support by Keil and Signum allows developers to make use of the new technology and accelerate their project development.

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