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RealView MDK supports New STM32 series devices

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ARM has provided immediate support in the RealView Microcontroller Development Kit for the STMicroelectroncs STM32F1xx family of devices based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

The STM32F101 (Access line) and STM32F103 (Performance line) are the first families of devices to be introduced by STMicroelectronics based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

The family achieves an exceptional performance combination of high performance and low power, offering power consumption as low as 2uA in Standby.

The full family includes devices with up to 72MHz CPU clock speed, 128Kbyte on-chip flash ROM, and 20Kbyte on-chip RAM together with an extensive range of peripherals including A/D, CAN, USB, SPI, I2C and up to 80 GPIO.

The new devices are supported in the RealView Microcontroller Development Kit version 3.1.

This new version retains the easy to use characteristics of the Keil uVision3 environment and introduces new features specifically optimised for single-chip, high performance devices such as the STM32F1xx.

RealView Microcontroller Development Kit 3.1 enables developers to make better use of their hardware resources and verify applications more efficiently, by delivering significant code size savings, new source code and new debug analysis tools.

Code density improvements:

To further improve code density for the range of ARM processor-based devices, the kit features a new optional microlib C library (a subset of the ISO standard C run time library), which has been minimised in size for microcontroller applications.

The microlib C library achieves an amazing 92% reduction in run-time library code size making it ideal for resource limited, single chip MCU devices.

"The RealView Microcontroller Development Kit offers users a fast, reliable and easy to use environment" said D. Jugnon, Development Tools Manager, Microcontroller division, STMicroelectronics, "Now with the microlib C libraries, it is an ideal software tool to use with our new STM32F devices, helping to reduce memory requirements and increase performance."

New analysis tools:

RealView MDK 3.1 introduces an enhanced source code browser function, enabling developers to easily check variable and function definitions, and to quickly find all uses of these variables and functions throughout the source code.

A new feature has been added to help optimise systems based on the Real-Time Operating System, RTX, which ships as standard with the RealView Microcontoller Development Kit.

The RTX event viewer, visually displays all active events, together with timing information. This is especially useful when verifying and optimising applications.

"With the significant improvements to features and performance, RealView Microcontroller Development Kit sets the benchmark for developing applications on Cortex-M3 processor-based MCU's" said John Cornish, vice president of marketing for the Systems Design Division at ARM.

The new STM32 series devices are available from Embedded Logic Solutions.

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