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Range of Trace32 PowerTools available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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article image Freescale i.MX27

The new Trace32 PowerTools have been enhanced with new processor architecture for Freescale i.MX27 to support efficient debugging at C and C++ levels over the chip-integrated debugging interface.

The debugger can quickly access all internal chip units, such as on-chip hardware breakpoints, peripheral units, registers and flash memory over the processor’s JTAG interface.

It connects to a host computer running Windows or Linux over USB 2.0 or Ethernet MAC 10/100 or 1000 MBit/s. Trace32 PowerTrace Ethernet makes it possible to record program flow and data movement of the ARM926 core in real time over the ETM trace port.

The trace memory has a depth ranging from 256 MByte to 4 gigabytes and a maximum recording speed of 500 MHz. Each recording is given a time stamp with a resolution of 5 ns, which enables full access to the ETM trigger and filter features.

An unlimited number of software breakpoints in the RAM and flash memories, debugging at HLL and assembler levels, programmable flash memory and support of the more commonly used C and C++ compilers are standard features.

Together with performance analysis, statistic functions, a timing diagram of trace data, and RTOS statistics, a context tracking system capable of reconstructing the content of local variables is also included. ARM9 debuggers that are already in use can easily be extended with this family of processors.

The new Trace32 PowerTools are available from Embedded Logic Solutions.

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