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PCAN-LWL optical couplers from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Embedded Logic Solutions  present PCAN-LWL optical couplers manufactured by Peak System Technik. These optical couplers consist of a 62.5/125 µm duplex fiber optical cable with ST connectors and enable any CAN section to be replaced by an optical waveguide. Conversion can be to low-speed or high-speed CAN.

Areas of application for optical couplers include EMC measurements on CAN modules, CAN sub-sections with high electromagnetic irradiation and line through areas protected against the risk of explosion.

PCAN-LWL optical couplers are also package with two modules complete with five metres of fibre optical cable and connectors. These modules require an external power supply and have a built-in power pack. They can also be powered by batteries with one packaged as an optional alternative power source.

Features of PCAN LWL optical couplers include:

  • LED display for driver mode
  • High speed CAN: PCA82C251 driver, bus termination 120 Ohm internal
  • Low speed CAN: TJA 1054 driver, max. 125 KBaud, bus termination reversible between 510 Ohm/5.6 kOhm, bus error display
  • Aluminium profile casing
  • CAN bus connection via Sub-D, 9-pin (to CiA DS102-1)
  • Supply voltage: 6.5 - 30 V
  • Supply via Sub-D 9-pin, or DC connector (jumper)
  • Battery operation via external battery (7.2 V)
Embedded Logic Solutions provide quality optical couplers that are fully featured to give an optimum performance.

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