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New version software available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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In the light of increasing requirements in time-critical fieldbus applications, SYS TEC electronic GmbH is extending its product range by adding a Powerlink protocol stack that complies with the current DS 1.0.0 specification.

Years of experience with field bus systems informed the development of this new software component.

The Powerlink’s modular software structure and ANSI-C implementation allow for easy portability to other target platforms, i.e. other microcontrollers and operating systems.

Using the stack without an operating system is also possible. It supports controlled nodes as well as managing nodes.

SYS TEC electronic GmbH provides a preconfigured starter kit to facilitate user entry to the Powerlink technology.

The kit includes a development board with a Freescale Coldfire processor, an embedded Linux environment and a fully documented demo application.

The Powerlink is available from Embedded Logic Solutions.

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