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New series PLC core module available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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article image PLCcore-CF54 module

PLCcore-CF54 available from Embedded Logic Solutions is a compact, insert-ready PLC core module based on the 32-bit freescale MCF5484 microcontroller.

Measuring just 40mm x 70mm, the module comes with two CAN2.0B interfaces, four UARTs and two 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interfaces.

PLCcore-CF54’s pre-programmed firmware with PLC kernel and the underlying Linux-OS provide instant access to all on-board peripherals.

The module comes standard with 64MB 32-bit, 133MHz DDR-SDRAM, 16MB Flash, On-board temperature sensor and real time clock, Extreme compact PCB following the new low EMI design rules, and industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

The module can be easily integrated in a range of user applications by making use of the Generic I/O expansion bus for easy integration of external peripherals like ADC or DAC and an On-board Programmable Logical Device (PLD) for user-specific generation of I/O signals.

The Pre-programmed IEC 61131-3 runtime kernel provides instant access to the on-board peripherals and the underlying Linux OS supports execution of native applications beside the PLC runtime system and also included is an API for easy integration of manufacturer-specific functions, such as encryption or algorithms.

The PLC-core-CF54 is particularly suited for Motion control applications, High-speed data acquisition and processing, Low-latency communication interfaces and as a high-end ECU for special vehicle applications.

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