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New USB Explorer 260 protocol analyser from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Ellisys, a supplier of test solutions for USB, certified wireless USB and the WiMedia platform, has released new multifunction USB Explorer 260 protocol test system. This new Ellisys product has good capabilities and is able to:

  • Analyse any USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 link, including OTG and IC-USB
  • Emulate USB hosts and devices
  • Inject pre-defined error patterns for stress and error recovery testing and
  • Verify the compliance to the USB specification

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 is available in three configurations. Each flexible hardware unit is capable of acting either as a protocol analyser or packet generator depending on the configuration.

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 analyser available from Embedded Logic Solutions includes Ellisys' extensive analysis features with real-time monitoring, hard-disk data streaming, in-depth class decoding, comprehensive traffic statistics and powerful triggering and filtering.

This analyser is well-proven for validating device enumeration, solving communication issues, detecting interoperability problems and optimising performance.

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 generator supplements protocol analysis by emulating USB devices and hosts and by testing corner cases and recovery mechanisms.

Reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios can be created with a powerful scripting environment or captured traffic can be replayed.

The generator supports the industry's first Inline Error Injection feature to insert programmed errors between a host and device to determine the impact of transmission errors. This setup is proficient at stress testing and verifying protocol behaviour under rare error conditions.

The generator includes the Ellisys USB pre-compliance testing software. This software controls a generator and an optional analyser to automatically verify the compliance of devices against the USB specification and class specifications such as HID and mass storage.

Based on the same advanced test methodology developed by Ellisys for WiMedia alliance compliance testing events, the Ellisys USB pre-compliance testing software interacts with a device under test by executing a suite of tests to generate a compliance report.

Any detected issues can be easily debugged using the protocol analysis software.

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 duo is a flexible bundle of two units that can be used as one analyser and one generator, two protocol analysers or two packet generators depending on your testing requirements.

More convenient than having both functions on the same unit, this setup allows better sharing of resources and more test flexibility in a team or company.

The USB Explorer 260 is based on the company's new industry-leading hardware platform with 1 GB of memory and a high-performance specialised processor created by Ellisys.

Designed with USB 3.0 in mind, the powerful USB Explorer 260 hardware can process the full 5 Gbps throughput of the new super-speed mode planned for the USB 3.0 specification.

Software upgrade/s to support USB 3.0 additions will be provided free of charge. The super-speed link analysis support, which may possibly require an optical fibre rather than copper connection, will be provided through an optional hardware upgrade. This will permit cost-effective re-use rather than replacement of the EX260 hardware platform as the protocol specification evolves.

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