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New PCB Prototyping Systems from LPKF available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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article image ProtoMat E33 PCB Prototyping System

LPKF Laser & Electronics, a world leader in in-house rapid PCB prototyping solutions introduces a new generation of machines for the ProtoMat line of circuit board plotters.  

Featuring additional functions, higher level of automation and upgrade options, the new ProtoMat line of PCB prototyping systems continues its innovation in circuit board prototyping equipment.  

Some of the past innovations in PCB prototyping from the German company include the ProtoLaser S for structuring circuit boards by laser as well as a series of simple SMT prototyping equipment for occasional use or training applications.  

The new PCB prototyping systems have been reengineered from the ProtoMat S-series circuit board plotters and include a new acoustic cabinet that reduces noise emissions while increasing safety.  

The new line of PCB prototyping systems is presented in three models with varying performance characteristics and features.  

The ProtoMat S43 PCB prototyping systems are entry-level machines with a 40,000 rpm spindle motor, and are suitable for most structuring jobs, drilling as well as depaneling circuit boards.  

The ProtoMat S63 is a versatile prototyping machine that masters 2.5D material processing and features a spindle speed of 60,000 rpm.  

Suitable for drilling test adapters or housing production, the S63 PCB prototyping systems feature a new dispenser function that applies soldering paste to the circuit board with absolute precision.  

The unit also includes a fiducial camera, a 15-position automatic tool change and automatic milling width adjustment.  

ProtoMat S103 is the top-of-the-line PCB prototyping system that features a standard 100,000 rpm spindle, vacuum table and pneumatic milling depth limiter.  

This allows the unit to mill and drill delicate materials with precision. The vacuum table securely mounts substrates on the plotter, so the unit can gently cut irregularly shaped, flexible circuit boards from large panels.  

In addition to the new S-Series ProtoMats, LPKF is also introducing a low priced entry-level model, ProtoMat E33 that features a 30,000 rpm spindle and has a small footprint. The system can structure, drill and route circuit boards.  

LPKF’s ProtoMat PCB prototyping systems are available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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