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MapuSoft signs Embedded Logic Solutions as a distributor in Australia and New Zealand

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MapuSoft Technologies, a leading provider of software reusability solutions for the embedded industry, has increased its market presence and profile in Australia and New Zealand by signing a distribution pact with Embedded Logic Solutions.

Embedded Logic Solutions is a distributor of embedded solutions in industry sectors as diverse as defence, education, automotive and other electronic design and manufacturing areas.

“MapuSoft Technologies is pleased to have a distributor of such a high caliber to support our products in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We look forward to a prosperous relationship for both organizations” said Dan Arzonico, MapuSoft’s Director of Sales.

“Embedded Logic Solutions is always looking for products that will enhance our customers' time to market and protect their software investment, and we believe that the Mapusoft Technologies’ products will enable our customers to fulfill that goal” said Ramzi Kattan, Managing Director of Embedded Logic Solutions.

The agreement makes Embedded Logic Solutions an authorised distributor of MapuSoft’s OS Changer, OS Abstractor, and OS PAL solutions throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets and significantly expands MapuSoft’s reach in a region with a well established embedded market that is rapidly growing.

Under the distribution pact, Embedded Logic Solutions will be engaging directly with customers to offer MapuSoft’s porting and abstraction products for embedded applications to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation.

MapuSoft offers the software reuse products OS Abstractor, OS Changer and OS PAL to help developers streamline development processes and reuse their embedded software on one or more operating systems.

Target operating systems supported include VxWorks 5x & 6x, Linux 2.4 & 2.6, LynxOS, Solaris, Unix, eCOS, Windows XP, Windows CE, Nucleus, ThreadX, MQX, QNX, T-Kernel and uITRON.

OS Abstractor APIs give users the ability to effectively develop code independent of the underlying OS to protect software investment and to easily expand support to multiple operating systems.

OS Abstractor APIs consists of BASIC and POSIX components. The BASIC component offers a standard OS interface architecture that is flexible and intuitive for application development.

The POSIX component offers industry standard API compliance for new code development and/or re-use of existing POSIX code base across multiple OS platforms.

OS Changer protects user’s existing software investment and knowledge base by giving the ability to reuse pSOS, VxWorks and Nucleus legacy code on different operating systems.

OS PAL (OS Porting & Abstraction Lab) leverages on existing OS Abstractor and OS Changer technologies and provides an Eclipse based IDE to easily port, abstract and optimise code on a host machine and run the application on different target OS platforms.

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