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Lauterbach GmbH Introduces Energy Profiling for TRACE32 CombiProbe

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article image Energy Profiling for TRACE32 CombiProbe

Lauterbach GmbH, a leading manufacturer of universal microprocessor development systems has released energy profiling for their TRACE32 CombiProbe product.  

Energy profiling is an integrated measurement solution that addresses issues such as program codes impacting power consumption or code modification influencing the application’s power consumption.

The energy profiling feature gives developers a powerful, easy-to-use tool that helps them resolve these issues.

Lauterbach customers using the TRACE32 CombiProbe will benefit from the energy profiling feature.  

Key advantages include: 

  • Customers can measure current and voltage from up to 3 power domains and correlate them to a program trace using the analogue probe along with the CombiProbe
  • Analogue measurements are time correlated with the application’s program flow
  • Helps track down unexpected power peaks to a certain line of code or detect power-hungry functions and tasks
  • When using the ETM trace, customers do not have to instrument their code unlike other tools on the market

The energy profiling feature can be used in conjunction with the PowerIntegrator product (Logic and Bus Analyser).  

Lauterbach GmbH products are available in Australia from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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