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LPKF introduces a new generation of circuit board plotters

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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has introduced its ProtoMat S62 PCB plotter. The compact and automated system delivers more than double the milling speed of comparable plotters. The ProtoMat S62 PCB plotter has an automatic tool change and a motorised Z-axis, which are features usually found only on higher-priced systems. The ProtoMat S62 can mill 150 mm (6”) per second at a system resolution of 0.25 µm (0.01 mil), producing precise structures as small as 0.1 mm (4 mils).
Along with its performance, the ProtoMat S62 delivers conveniences like integrated head lighting and a 10-position automatic milling tool changer for unattended operation. Its motorised Z-axis provides three-dimensional machining for housings and front panels. The ProtoMat S62 does not require external compressed air or chemicals, and is enclosed by a soundproof acoustic cabinet, so the ProtoMat S62 plotter can safely operate in a standard office or engineering environment. Optional accessories include a fiducial recognition camera system for automatic front-to-back alignment and an integrated vacuum table top for securing board material.
In-house PCB prototyping provides independence from service providers, and reduces prototype development time while protecting sensitive product data.

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