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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG sells laser systems

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LPKF Laser & Electronics AG in Garbsen/Germany now sells laser systems for the structuring of thin film solar cells to enter the strongly growing photovoltaic market.

The systems are being developed in close co-operation with a subsidiary in Suhl/Germany LPKF Motion & Control. The system bears the trademark LPKFSolar.

Thin film solar cells are created by depositing several micrometre-thick layers on large glass sheets or synthetic films. Each layer is structured by the LPKFSolar laser system.

This process step demands high precision and high speed. Production involves up to three laser structuring processes.

Medium term forecasts estimate that thin film solar cells will corner more than 20% of the growing solar cell market.

"Developing this kind of system is a natural step for LPKF because we boast the necessary competence in laser technology, laser material processing and precision drive technology, not to mention many years of experience in the production of laser systems and large surface micromachining," outlines Marc Hüske, Solar Product Manager at LPKF.

This move will also further reduce the Group’s dependence on the cycles of the electronics market.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG develops systems and process solutions, primarily for the electronics and automotive subcontracting industries.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is the market leader in laboratory equipment for PCB prototyping and laser cutting machines for stencil production. The company has around 260 employees worldwide.

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