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LAUTERBACH’s AutoFocus II available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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LAUTERBACH, the manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, has launched AutoFocus II, a new version of its ARM-ETM preprocessor, which together with PowerTrace II is capable of recording signals with data rates of over 500 Mbit/s.

In recent years, great strides have been taken toward achieving faster clock rates for ARM processors, which has steadily increased demands on trace-port analysers.

Some years ago, Lauterbach started to tackle this challenge with its AutoFocus technology and, with AutoFocus II, now moves into new frequency ranges.

Sampling high-speed parallel data buses requires compensating for effects such as wave reflections caused by impedance mismatch, component tolerances, different trace lengths, crosstalk, and parasitic capacitances.

Such effects lead to variations in the signal shape (particularly undershoot and overshoot), jitters, and channel-to-channel skew.

Notably, the channel-to-channel skew can now be of the same magnitude as the clock period, and there is no single instant, at which the whole data bus has valid data.

The situation is often complicated by the fact that the clock frequency of many applications, especially in mobile telecommunications, is constantly changing.

ETM preprocessors with AutoFocus and AutoFocus II can automatically set the correct values for reference and termination voltages for all data and clock signals, recognise data eyes, and determine the optimal sampling instants for each and every data channel. The correction range spans -1.8 to +4.9 ns and 0 to 3.3 volts.

One of the significant new features of AutoFocus II is a minimum time resolution of 78 ps. The software now enables a three-dimensional view of data eyes in addition to the two dimensions of time and channel, the reference voltage is also displayed.

Many customers have already made use of this feature to find errors on their target hardware and will likely be won over by the enormous trace-port bandwidth of up to 16 Gbit/s.

At the same time, all ETMv1.x modes such as normal, Mux, DeMux, and half-rate, as well as all ETMv3.x port modes up to 32 bits are still supported.

The AutoFocus II is available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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