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Jungo's Embedded Bluetooth Stacks available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Embedded Logic Solutions introduces the Jungo's Embedded Bluetooth Stacks, high quality and small footprint software stacks.

The Jungo's Embedded Bluetooth Stacks allow device manufactures to easily incorporate standard Bluetooth connectivity in their designs, including mobile handsets, automotive infotainment systems, set top boxes, medical devices, mobile internet devices and other consumer electronics.

The following are some of the specifications of the Jungo's Embedded Bluetooth Stacks:

  • Available Bluetooth protocols and profiles: Logical Link and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP), Service Discovery Protocol (SDP), RFCOMM Protocol, OBEX Protocol, A2DP, SPP, SDP, GAP, DUN, OPP, and others 
  • Support for leading embedded OSs: uC/OS-II, VelOSity/Integrity, pSOS, ThreadX, eCos/eCosPro, QNX, MQX, Nucleus, OS20/OS21, uITRON, Symbian, Linux, WinCE, embOS, VDK, REX, VxWorks, MeOS, DSP/BIOS, MS-DOS, PowerTV, XP, Vista & and 16/32bit Proprietary OS/no-OS/pre-boot environments; OS wrappers for easy porting to any operating system
  • Support for CPU architectures: ARM, MIPS, x86, RISC, PowerPC, Freescale Coldfire, Intel Xscale, TI DSPs and OMAP, Renesas SuperH and others 
  • HCI Transport Support: USB, RS232, UART, PCMCIA
  • Support for bluetooth chipsets: Broadcom, Qualcomm, CSR, Infineon, TI and other Bluetooth specific controllers
  • ASIC and FPGA based HCI Cores controller support 
  • Efficient: Low MIPS to ensure uninterrupted execution of additional applications simultaneously 
  • Certified and tested: The Jungo Bluetooth stack was certified and went through rigid interoperability testing with our partners and customers.
  • Intuitive API: written in ANSI C, with source code availability
Jungo's Bluetooth Protocol Stacks provide support for the following protocols:
  • Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP)
  • Service Discovery Protocol (SDP)  
  • Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol (AVDTP) 
  • Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (BNEP) 
  • Multi Channel Adaptation Protocol (MCAP)

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