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Hardware debuggers and real-time trace tools from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Lauterbach has announced that Trace32 PowerTools are now available for the new Texas Instruments OMAP35x family.

The OMAP3503/15/25/30 processors are based on an ARM Cortex-A8 core and operate with a clock frequency of 600 MHz.

These applications processors offer a combination of general purpose, multimedia and graphics processing in any single-chip combination and will allow OEMs to redefine the standards for advanced user interfaces, web browsing, productivity, enhanced graphics and the multimedia experience.

Included in the Trace32 PowerView software is the efficient and user-friendly HLL debugger for C and C++, the program flow trace, run time statistics and the FLASH programming tool for the FLASH memory.

The C64x+ (where applicable) is also supported by a full featured debugger. Special debug features of the chip – like debug of power saving modes – are also handled excellently. With TRACE32 PowerTrace, it is possible to use the CoreSight ETM to record the program flow of the Cortex-A8 in real time in an up to 4Gbyte large trace buffer.

The CombiProbe trace and debug system allows to trace information from the SDTI interface – correlated with the ETM trace. These basic debug and trace skills are extended by a set of features that can be found only on TRACE32 tools.

Examples are the CTS and the ETA system. CTS allows the reconstruction of all registers, memories, caches and TLBs from the trace buffer to support stepping back in time and getting detailed cache and core utilisation information. ETA allows to measure the energy consumption of the target and correlate it with the program flow.

Trace32 PowerTools are connected via USB 2.0 or Ethernet 10/100/1000 MBit/s to host computers running under Windows, Linux or Solaris. All popular target operating systems are supported, including extensive support for Linux, Windows CE and Symbian OS.

Trace32 PowerTools is available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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