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Ellisys and Symwave’s Explorer 280 SuperSpeed USB protocol analyser tools available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Ellisys, suppliers of protocol test and analysis solutions for Universal Serial Bus (USB) and wired and wireless communications protocols, in conjunction with Symwave, silicon suppliers of system solutions for SuperSpeed USB storage applications, have released protocol analyser tools for the USB Attached SCSI protocol (UASP). These analyser tools are available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

UASP is a new industry-standard and a high-performance mass storage protocol developed for SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. USB 3.0 is the latest technology evolution of the Universal Serial Bus, first introduced in 1996. The USB 3.0 supports a 5 gigabit per second signalling rate, providing speed and backward-compatibility with legacy USB 2.0 ports and devices.

The USB 3.0 specification released last November provides for improved data transfer speed by implementing data streaming and command queuing, which are high-efficiency core concepts of the UASP. Storage companies are working together within the INCITS T10 technical committee and USB Implementers Forum on UASP standardisation. Once completed, the UASP will leverage the SuperSpeed USB transfer rate capabilities while enabling performance improvements for legacy USB 2.0 mass storage systems and devices.

According to Ellisys, developers and suppliers of technology tools must anticipate and react to changes and additions to specifications and standards as quickly as possible, and not develop the final versions of such documents.

The assistance of Symwave engineers working on the forefront of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and UASP helped in the integration of new features that eased the adoption and integration of UASP. As the final specification is released, Ellisys tools will pace this evolution with field upgradeable updates to Explorer Series of USB and SuperSpeed USB protocol analysers and generators.

According to Symwave, marketing of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 mass storage device presented significant engineering challenges for their team. It was a strategic objective to work collaboratively with the test equipment vendors to ensure their products complied with relevant standards.

The Ellisys Explorer 280 SuperSpeed USB protocol analysers and generators are effective in designing, testing and characterising the performance of Symwave’s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 solutions.

The Ellisys Explorer series 280 SuperSpeed USB protocol analysers and generators are now optimised to decode and display UAS/UASP protocols for use by developers working in this area. These tools, including the Explorer 280, Explorer 260, and Explorer 200 series, are designed to be field-upgradeable and will evolve as the UAS/UASP approaches version 1.0 release by mid 2009. The SuperSpeed USB Explorer 280 protocol analysers/generators are used by SuperSpeed USB developer companies. The Explorer 200 and 260 USB 2.0 analyser and generator products have been delivered to USB developers.

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