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Ellisys USB analyser available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Cypress Semiconductor France Semiconductor manufacturer Paris  


To provide timely pre-sales and post-sales technical support to customers using Cypress USB components.


Cypress France selected an Ellisys Explorer 200 Professional Edition protocol analyser for its quick setup and clear presentation.


Application engineers from Cypress France now provide better training, on-site troubleshooting, and field application notes that support customers at every step.

When you sell electronic components, you need to support your customers every step of the way from pre-sales training to after-sales support.

That is why Cypress Semiconductor France, a subsidiary of the worldwide component supplier, relies on an Ellisys USB Explorer 200 Professional Edition protocol analyser.

The two companies came together several years ago when Ellisys was sourcing components for its equipment.

Today Ellisys uses the Cypress FX2 USB microcontroller in its units, and Cypress France is using the finished protocol analyser to support its customers all the way from initial training to debugging any issues to creating field notes.

Quick setup and clear displays for training Larcher, one of the application engineers with Cypress, gives regular seminars explaining the protocol, some on request for engineers at a customer's site, others open to interested customers with up to 50 people attending.

No matter the location or the audience, he needs a quick setup, and a clear presentation to help describe the intricate details of his subject.

He show customers, who are sometimes beginners in USB, how the protocol works. He was initially drawing the waveforms by hand for the presentations.

Now he uses the analyser and displays the transactions on the PC. People can easily understand and read the USB transactions that way.

He also has a standard setup he can easily transport and hook up quickly. He finds the Ellisys analyser is easy to set up as it can be taken out of the box and plugged in the USB and it works in two minutes.

There are no 10 or 20 menus, so even someone who is not used to it can learn it easily. The menu structure is carefully designed to be simple to follow while it still permits drilling down to deeper levels of any transaction.

He says the ease of use and clarity of the display adds a whole new dimension to his training seminars. Saving time troubleshooting Once they have selected Cypress components, engineers sometimes need help finishing a USB design.

The application engineer will go on-site for a half-day or day at a time to help track down the issue. He brings along a USB evaluation board holding a Cypress FX2 controller and companion chips, plus the Ellisys analyser.

The software inside the FX2 can be downloaded easily and then the board can be used as a prototype for the application. And if the analyser is needed it can be inserted on the bus. Then the USB link can be seen either on the same PC as the app, or if possible on a separate PC.

Usually he records the USB transactions and then analyses them offline, using the different screens to go lower in the transaction. The main screen for him is usually the Transaction screen. He also likes filtering a transaction for a single peripheral.

That way, instead of seeing all the USB commands on the bus, he can choose to see only the ones targeted to a specific peripheral.

He feels that the Ellisys analyser is an extraordinary tool as sometimes a customer can spend days on a problem, and because they cannot see exactly what is on the bus on a low level, they cannot solve it. With an analyser, he can go directly to the problem.

Without the protocol analyser to help, he says that he would spend a lot more time to do that same troubleshooting, and it would be a lot more difficult to debug the problems. Useful when writing application notes On top of training and troubleshooting, he finds a third good use for the Ellisys analyser: it helps him write application notes.

As field engineers, we sometimes write application notes or reference designs. Whenever he does one for USB, he uses the analyser to help. Another good advantage is that the analyser does not need any power supply, it’s powered directly from USB, so it is practical.

You just click on one button and it’s ready to record all the USB transactions. This makes creating any field notes or reference designs faster and easier than it would be otherwise.

In all these ways, the Ellisys equipment is just what a busy components supplier like Cypress France needs to take care of their customers every step of the way.

The Ellisys analyser is available from Embedded Logic Solutions .

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