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C166 Version 6.10a available from Embedded Logic Solutions

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Keil has announced support for the Infineon XE166 family of microcontrollers in the new C166 Version 6.10a release.

The XE166 series is a new microcontroller family based on the enhanced C166S architecture with up to 80MHz CPU clock, 768 Kbyte on-chip Flash ROM, and 82 KByte on-chip RAM.

XE167 devices contain new innovative peripherals like MultiCAN and up to six Universal Serial Interface Channels (USIC).

The Keil C166 Version 6.10a now supports the Infineon XE166 devices with Flash Programming and Program Debugging using the µVision IDE/Debugger and the ULINK2 USB-JTAG Adapter.

Also provided is an example project for the Infineon Evaluation Boards and support for the Infineon DAS interface.

An evaluation version of C166 v6.10a is available including numerous example projects to help test the software and XE166 devices.

C166 Version 6.10a is available from Embedded Logic Solutions.

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