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Hand torque multipliers from Emazing International

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Emazing International has just released a new range of hand torque multipliers to complement their existing range of quality torque tools.
Features of the hand torque multipliers include:

  • The hand torque multipliers compact, alloy steel, epicyclic gear units which have a velocity ratio of 5:20:1
  • The torque multipliers measure an actual power multiplication of 5:1 per stage of gearing
  • Torque output calculations on the hand torque multipliers are therefore easy to calculate by simply multiplying the input torque by the gear ratio
  • All gears rotate on needle roller bearings about hardened and ground journal pins
  • This results in a torque multiplication accuracy of 4% throughout the operating range
  • The hand torque multipliers are comprehensive and competitively priced
  • The hand torque multipliers consist of a range of compact design models available with a torque range of up to 47’500 Nm or 35’000 ft-lb and a range of traditional design models with a torque range of up to 6’880 Nm or 5’075 ft-lb.

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