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Flexible shaft machine from Emazing International

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Emazing International has just released the new Rhino flexible shaft machine complete with a full range of flexible shafts and toolholders. The Rhino flexible shaft machine is powered by a three phase motor and coupled with a seven speed mechanical gearbox offering a speed range from 850 up to 12’000 rpm – all with one tool.

Features of the flexible shaft machine include:

  • The flexible shaft machine features a unique metal outer casing that increases the service life and at the same time is designed to be stronger and more flexible then conventional flexible shafts with rubber outer casing
  • The smart tool holder system on the flexible shaft machine allows the use of a vast variety of abrasives and adaptors used in the metal working industry
  • The Rhino flexible shaft machine is virtually maintenance free: the fully sealed and air cooled motor is unaffected by constant rough working conditions
  • The operating noise level is minimal (68 dbA)
  • The separation of drive motor and toolholder by the flexible shafts allows a 95% efficiency on the working spindle and reduces operator fatigue
  • The compact design of flexible shaft machine and toolholders  make  working in difficult to reach areas possible

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