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Power filters protect electronic equipment

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article image Elsafe’s fax and modem filter.

ELSAFE provides a variety of power filters to suit most applications. All electrical equipment connected directly to mains supply is vulnerable to damage from voltage surges and interference.

Surges caused by lightning strikes also affect telephone lines and connected equipment. Electronic equipment failure due to surges and transients can result in expensive system downtime and loss of valuable data information.

Unlike passive filtering devices, Elsafe Active Sinewave filtering not only clips voltage peaks, but also fills voltage lags, protecting your equipment whilst delivering clean power.

By filtering immediately before connected equipment, Elsafe power and data rails suppress back interference which can be superimposed onto the power circuit, affecting other equipment in the building.

Power filters work by absorbing excess voltage and dissipating it as heat. The components responsible for this process are call varistors. Elsafe's Active Sinewave filters contain large varistors which dissipate excess voltage more effectively, in turn increasing the reliability and service life of electronic and electrical equipment.

Elsafe power and data rails are available with an RCD safety switch option. The residual current device (RCD) acts as a circuit breaker providing safety to personnel in the event of dangerous power faults and failures.

Faxes and modems are subject to damage by overvoltage and lightning strikes being induced into the telephone cabling system. Protection to the line input of this equipment is important, as the majority of these products are small, voltage sensitive and internally housed within cabinets.

Damage within these enclosures would be considerable during an overvoltage situation. It has been found that arresting overvoltages externally reduces the possibility of damage within the electronic cabinet.

The Elsafe phone/fax/modules are designed to restrict damaging voltages from either the power or phone circuits entering equipment by using a special technique to hold the phone and power circuits at the same potential during an overvoltage/lightning strike.

The Elsafe Smartswitch comprises a "master outlet" controlling up to four slave outlets. When equipment plugged into the "master outlet" is turned on or off, the slave outlets are turned off or on automatically 500 milliseconds later.

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