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Elphistone Engineering have over 31 years experience installing scales to all types of vehicles. Elphistone Engineering specialise in on-vehicle weighing systems, suppling for a range of industries inculding logging, waste, agriculture and tankers.


Supplier news
31/08/11 - Elphinstone Weighing Systems has partnered with Tox Free to supply a range of sturdy and reliable weighing systems for waste vehicles operating on the new Barrow Island gas plant off the Western Austr
Supplier news
30/08/11 - Elphinstone Weighing Systems presents a range of on board scales purpose-built for the harsh conditions of the waste industry in Australia.
Supplier news
17/08/11 - Elphinstone Weighing Systems presents the “Containa Weigha” transportable weighing container systems range that can be used as a stand alone frame or mounted on a twist lock trailer.
Supplier news
16/08/11 - Elphinstone Weighing Systems presents their Transportable Weighbridge, an effective and cost efficient solution in ensuring vehicles do not overload before leaving the loading site.

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