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Elmich Australia supplies VersiWeb geosynthetic cellular confinement system

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Elmich Australia  offers VersiWeb, a geosynthetic cellular confinement system, which controls erosion and retains infill on retaining walls. The VersiWeb incorporates a matrix of ultrasonically welded lightweight, expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips.

Elmich Australia offers VersiWeb with cell heights ranging from 50 to 200 millimetres. This geosynthetic cellular confinement system enhances drainage, eliminates hydrostatic pressure and effectively controls erosion as the cells protect movement of the infill.

When filled with granular materials, VersiWeb supplied by Elmich Australia creates a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads. This system can also be used to retain infill in gravity retaining and free standing walls, embankments and barriers.

The shear strength of the infill is enhanced by confining material within each cell. The VersiWeb from Elmich Australia forms an integrated structural mass, resisting lateral pressure and movement when installed in layers.

Landscape engineering products supplied by Elmich Australia includes sub-soil drainage products, storm water management products, turf stabilization, pavers and decking support, beam and deck support and turf stabilisation. In addition, Elmich Australia also supplies drainage cell, flexible drainage cell, drainage and water products, retention trays and drainage dimple sheets.

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