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Quality powered roof supports offered by Ellton Longwall

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Ellton Longwall  provides quality powered roof supports which suit every coal seam. The powered roof supports are available from 0.6m to 6.5m heights and they have yield loads from 1800kN to 13000kN.

Ellton Longwall manufactures about five thousand powered roof supports to support every need of its clients.

Currently three different types of coal shearers are supplied by Ellton Longwall which includes hydraulic haulage, magnetic haulage and electrical haulage.

The products from Ellton Longwall have cutting heights ranging from 1-6.1 metres and their rated power ranges from 350 to 2210KW. These products have applications in every geographical condition and are exported to countries all around the globe including Bangladesh, India and Russia.

Ellton Chain Caliper is a simple and accurate tool which is used for measuring average elongation inside a chain drive. It also determines the rate of elongation (wear) on BSL and AFC Chains with scheduled use.

Ellton Chain Caliper can also be used to recognise areas in a chain drive with matched chain length mismatch and abnormal elongation.

Parsons mining flight bars are used for twin inboard applications. These flight bars have been designed to be attached to the chain with the help of standard bolts and nuts.

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