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ONESuit hazmat and chemical protective suits and gloves from Elliotts

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Elliotts offers ONESuit hazmat and chemical protective suits and gloves for first responders and chemical safety teams around the world. The entire ONESuit range has been engineered to meet the needs of hazmat professionals seeking high levels of protection.   

Designed to provide superior protective quality with exceptional comfort, Elliotts’ range of ONESuit protective suits and gloves includes ONESuit Flash, ONESuit Gard, ONESuit Shield, ONESuit Pro and ONEGlove.  

A recent feature on ‘World’s Greatest’ showcased the protective qualities of the ONESuit range offered to first responders and chemical safety teams.  

Used by fire departments and defence forces all over the world, the ONESuit product line consists of high performing chemical hazmat protective suits and gloves certified to stringent standards.  

Key benefits of the ONESuit range include lightweight design, superior user comfort, longer life cycle and 7-15 years of shelf life. The protective suits and gloves are also reusable and can be decontaminated.  

The ONESuit range includes:

  • ONESuit Flash: Certified to NFPA 1991 plus flash fire protection, the single-skin, lightweight protective garments offer protection against chemical and biological agents in liquid or vapour forms 
  • ONESuit Gard: Engineered to meet the protection and comfort needs of workers operating in dangerous environments, these protective suits are NFPA 1991 certified 
  • ONESuit Pro: The latest innovation in single-skin hazmat suits from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, these garments are NFPA 1991 certified, and offer excellent manoeuvrability and user comfort 
  • ONESuit Shield: These protective suits offer a single skin construction that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Designed with a face mask interface, the NFPA 1994 certified suits also offer twice the lifespan of other suits 
  • ONEGlove: A range of protective gloves that combine high dexterity with superior protection against cuts and punctures, chemical/biological agents, industrial solvents and chemicals as well as flash fires     
A leading manufacturer of quality safety gear in Australia, Elliotts offers safety gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), personal protective clothing (PPC) and welding safety gear. 

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