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Necprotech neck supports from Elliotts help painters work longer with less neck pain

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Elliotts presents an innovative range of neck supports designed to prevent sore necks among painters, enabling them to work longer. 

A proven solution to greatly reducing neck pain, strain and injury among painters, Necprotech has also been scientifically tested by the Human Performance Centre of the University of Otago, a leading biomechanics authority in New Zealand.

Test results show that Necprotech reduces muscle activity in the neck by over a third, making a noticeable difference in the amount of discomfort felt by the user. The research also found that Necprotech, by reducing the rate of fatigue in the muscles could also help preserve the health of the cervical spine, preventing long-term injury.

Most painters have to deal with sore necks caused by muscles that are overworked. If not managed, they can end up with serious neck problems that can negatively affect their quality of life. 

Necprotech is a simple and affordable range of neck supports designed to reduce muscle activity on the wearer’s neck, providing instant relief from tired or sore necks especially when looking up. Necprotech neck supports are worn like a backpack.

Key features of Necprotech neck supports:

  • Designed for maximum comfort, neck protection and style 
  • Cushioned and shaped to the curve of the head 
  • Fully adjustable base to fit any height 
  • Sturdy upper-body harness promotes good posture with full padding on the inside for comfort 
  • Wide, padded straps go around the shoulders, chest and under the arms to give extra comfort and support to the upper body  

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