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Necprotech Neck Protection Clothing from Elliotts

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Elliotts , suppliers of personal protective clothing, offers the Necrprotech range of neck muscle protection and relief.  The Necprotech device works by reducing the muscle activity on the neck, while providing instant relief from the fatigue and soreness.

The Necprotech are ideal personal protective equipment for painters, who constantly require to look up in their jobs, as well as other workers focusing in ceiling applications. If not properly managed, painters and workers alike could end up with serious neck problems that can potentially affect their quality of life.

Scientific tests has showed the Necprotech reduces muscle acivity in the neck by over one third, which creates a difference in the amount of discomfort that can potentially damage the neck. The research also found that neck protection equipment also reduced the rate of fatigue in the muscles and could help preserve the health of the cervical spine, preventing long-term injury.

The Necprotech safety apparel features a cushioned neck support that is shaped to the curve of the head with a fully adjustable base to fit any height. The upper-body hardness is fully padded on the inside and provides sturdiness for promoting good posture.

The Necprotech protective clothing, available from Elliots, is simply worn like a backpack and is designed to be easy to put on and off.

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