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Elliotts' E-Cool clothing range keeps workers cool even in the hottest working environments

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article image Elliotts' E-Cool range of vests, scarfs and helmets helps workers to keep cool and maintain concentration for safety and comfort in extreme heat conditions

Elliotts supplies its range of E-Cool cooling apparel, especially designed for protecting workers and reducing core body temperature and heat stress in extreme hot work environments. E-Cool clothing items feature cooling technology, that is simple to use and does not require freezing or ice to keep workers cool and comfortable.

E-Cool products reduce core temperature even when worn under protective clothing and suits or over shirts. The E-Cool range of cooling apparel includes:

  • vests,
  • bandanas,
  • helmet inserts and
  • caps.
The E-Cool clothing range makes working outdoors in hot conditions more bearable, giving workers higher levels of concentration and minimising heat stress related accidents. E-Cool cooling products can be reused hundreds of times and are very simple to use. The E-Cool item just needs to be soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, it will then stay hydrated and cool for up to several days, even in the hottest of working conditions.

The cooling apparel works to keep the whole body cool by reducing the temperature of workers’ heads and upper bodies. The E-Cool vests and hard hats feature strategically placed, close fitting, E-Cool crystals and inserts to keep heads and torsos cool, the caps and bandanas work to keep heads and necks cool.

The E-Cool cooling apparel forms part of Elliotts’ range of Personal Protective Clothing (PPC), selected specifically to enhance the safety and comfort of workers in mining, metal, construction, petrochemical, emergency services, and other industries where hazards exist.

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