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Chemical splash suits from Elliotts ensure safety while handling chemicals

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article image Chemical splash suits protect workers against accidental splashes of chemicals

Safety gear specialist Elliotts presents chemical splash suits designed to protect workers against accidental splashes of chemicals in various industrial environments.
There is a huge increase in the use of caustic liquids and chemical solvents in manufacturing and maintenance processes in diverse industries including mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgy and heavy manufacturing. Processes such as chemical separations, alkylation, electropolishing, anodising, phosphating and caustic cleaning through to fuel management, all require the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals that can cause life-threatening burns from splashes.
Chemical agents used in various manufacturing processes: 

  • Coatings: Paints, solvents, resins, polyurethanes, oils
  • Surfactants: Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, acetic acid
  • Bases: Sodium and potassium hydroxides, lime, solvents, colorants and wastes
  • Mechanical liquids: Engine coolants, heat transfer fluids, oil soluble colorants, hydraulic fluids, fuel additives
  • Machinery fuels: Jet A-1, Diesel, Naphtha, Engine oils
Typical chemical splash danger areas in various industrial environments include operations, inspections, stock management and maintenance in petrochemical industries, solvent extraction, leaching, refining and flotation in mining, oil and gas, plant operations, manufacturing and maintenance in heavy manufacturing, and electropolishing, aqueous cleaning, pickling, anodising and phosphating in metallurgy.
Chemical splash and Hazmat apparel are increasingly being developed to withstand splash and gaseous dangers during the handling of chemical materials, and protect operational teams responsible for handling these chemicals onsite.
Key features of Chemtech’s chemical splash suits:

  • High performance, high quality 5-layer breathable fabric manufactured specifically for the requirements of chemical splash protection
    • Chemical, oil, soil repellent treatment on the outer fabric
    • 300D Oxford outer fabric
    • Moisture vapour permeable PU hydrophilic coating
    • Moisture vapour permeable microporous PTFE film membrane
    • Tricot nylon knit liner
  • Allows heat vapour to transfer through the fabric
  • Prevents liquid penetration by a variety of chemicals
  • Enables perspiration to evaporate, reducing the possibility of heat stress and improving wearer comfort
Chemical splash suits made by Chemtech have been tested to provide high protection against chemical splash to the following standards: AS4602.1999, EN471:2008, EN1149-1:1995, AS2755.1-1985, AS/NZS ISO 6530-2006, AS3765.1:1990 and GB12012-1989.
Chemtech fabrics have also been tested against liquid chemicals including hydrochloric acid 37%, sodium hydroxide 40%, jet fuel A1 100%, sulphuric acid 98% toluene, and tetrachloroethylene and nitric acid 50%.

Elliotts is an Australian based designer, manufacturer and distributor of world-class quality safety gear servicing the Australasian market.

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