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Elliott Automation supplies chocolate tempering, forming and enrobing equipment

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Chocolate tempering, forming and enrobing that are suitable for small plants are produced by Selmi of Italy and supplied by Elliott Automation . Various models are available for these products from Selmi. The models include COLOR, PLUS, FUTURA, TOP, FILLER, TUN 800, GALILEO, TUN 300 and TANK.

COLOR range from Elliot Automation is a continuous tempering machine which requires minimum package. It also has a heated vibrating plate, where chocolate can be melted and hardened. COLOR is a cleanup friendly machine in which chocolate flow can be controlled through the use of a rudder bar. It also has a closed circuit refrigerating unit that features a counter current heat exchanger.

PLUS is also a continuous tempering machine with features including a digital control panel in its newer version. It has an operating economy and usage versatility. PLUS range can be fitted for moulding and covering by means of a chocolate injection plate and an R 200 covering belt.

Crystallisation can be maintained at considerably lower hardening temperatures than the normal ones through the use of FUTURA. It has a volumetric batcher and the flow of chocolate is controlled by the use of a rudder bar.

TOP from Elliot Automation suits medium to large confectioners. It is an outstanding combination of operating economy and versatility.

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