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Safe and timely LPG delivery by Elgas

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Elgas , established in 1984, specialises in marketing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Elgas operates The Cavern, which is the second largest storage facility for LPG in the world. Elgas LPG aims to provide Australian homes and establishments with convenience, safety and economy. Elgas provides 95% pure Propane LPG mix, which is regarded to be more efficient and cleaner, thereby leaving a less adverse impact on the environment.

Elgas operates an extensive network that ensures quick supply and definite delivery of gas to almost all locations in Australia. Elgas is prominently represented even in the remote areas of the country. Elgas operates the Easy Gas and Bulk Systems of delivery, which use special tankers that are fitted with electronic monitors to ensure correct delivery.

Elgas’ supply schedules are designed to meet the needs of its customers. Owing to its high safety consciousness, Elgas may recommend the bottle exchange delivery method for certain sites, to ensure safety.

Elgas has also built considerable abilities in the area of LPG marketing in Australia. Elgas claims to meet all the LPG requirements of its customers by engaging local agents, service centres and shops to supply the latest LPG appliance packages and products.

Elgas has established a longstanding relationship with Australia’s prominent appliance and equipment manufacturers, which is leveraged to ensure that Elgas’ customers avail the benefits of special prices on appliances and equipment from time to time.

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