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LPG solutions for businesses from Elgas

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Elgas  provides its clients with LPG and related technical expertise. As a result of operating a wide local customer service centre network in Australia, Elgas offers customers with safety as well as supply security. Elgas’ LPG solutions for business establishments include flowing hot water systems for forklifts, commercial cooking, space heating, farming, flame weeding and diesel substitution kits.

Elgas provides continuous-flow heaters to deliver on-demand hot water for businesses. These heaters can be mounted outdoors as well as indoors without the requirement for storage tanks. Elgas’ continuous-flow heaters are suitable for times of intermittent demand. Elgas recommends a combination of LPG and storage heater or boiler system for regular, peak demand situations as a cost effective option.

Elgas works as the energy partner of businesses, providing them with customised energy solutions. The Elgas Forklift Premium is designed to provide 95% pure Propane and owing to the high purity level, the energy solution results in lower exhaust emissions. Elgas provides regular safety checks and free training round-the-clock for its forklift energy systems.

For commercial cooking applications, Elgas LPG provides low-cost solutions suitable for cooking methods such as mobile barbecues and tabletop burners. Elgas LPG is also suitable for restaurant heating. Other solutions from Elgas include portable LPG mosquito repellents.

Other Elgas LPG applications for businesses include hot water availability in rest rooms, refrigerators and dishwashers. Elgas services business customers through local customer service centres and the on-site storage depots at each branch. Elgas also provides a dedicated delivery driver for monitoring the usage of its customers. This ensures continuous LPG supply at all times.

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