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Power factor correction packages available from Electroserv

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Electroserv  leverages more than 40 years of experience in electrical design, engineering and manufacturing to develop automatic power factor correction systems. Electroserv possesses the ability to design according to most customer specifications and uses extensive calculations and drawings. Electroserv manufactures as per ISO 9000 standards.

Electroserv’s power factor correction systems are delivered in two types. The first type is a completely assembled cabinet that houses all the necessary devices such as reactors, contactors, capacitors and fuses. The other type is custom made, with sub-assemblies housing the same set of devices, which are in turn, embedded into an existing switchboard.

Electroserv’s power factor correction systems are suitable for installations that operate with high harmonic levels, those caused by UPS systems, variable speed electronic drives, arc furnaces and switch mode power supplies. For applying the correction, these systems are detuned using series reactors in order to tune them to frequencies below harmonic levels. Electroserv mostly uses 189 Hz of frequency along with capacitors of 525 V rating and series harmonic detuning reactors. As a result, the power factor system is protected and is shielded from resonating with the power supply system.

To ensure safety, Electroserv uses self-healing capacitors operating at low power loss, which feature discharge resistors and over-pressure disconnection devices.

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