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SG-Electrode sensors from Electrosense Technologies

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Electrosense Technologies  designs and manufactures various types of electronic sensing and remote monitoring equipment that include SG-Electrode and M2M-Manager. SG-Electrode remote monitoring equipment is a lead acid battery electrolyte specific gravity sensor. This sensor functions on the basis of polymer membrane electrode that has been specifically designed for measuring the concentration of water in sulphuric acid as well as water mixture. The electrode is placed through the watering port of the battery cell for ensuring that the probe is immersed within battery electrolyte. The equilibration state is achieved between the electrode sensing elements and the acid solution in five minutes after which the reading of the specific composition can be made.

SG-Electrode sensor is operable in voltage conditions ranging from 1.5 volts to about 4.9 volts and suitable to be used in sulphuric acid or water solutions. Various features of this sensor include low voltage operation, low consumption of current, reverse voltage protection, resin encapsulated electrodes, ceramic fuse protection, triple zener diode voltage clamps, transceiver unit sealed for protection against dust and liquid and power obtained from single lead-acid battery. The network system of these electrode sensors comprise of 16 sensors that can be polled in any required combination as well as software selectable data collection and plotting parameters.

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