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Software of EKA System provided by Electronic Keying Australia

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Electronic Keying Australia  is an Australian company which supplies electronic masterkey system, EKA System. EKS System is a system of electronic cylinders which replace mechanical locks or lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks, safes and are integrated with proprietary software. The EKA System provided by Electronic Keying Australia is controlled centrally through proprietary stand alone or web-based software. With the help of EKA System, customised audit reports and automatic notifications on suspicious activities can be automatically generated through email.

The EKA System's software is simple and easy to use and at the same time allows customers to assign keys, set expiry times, create access groups, enroll new cylinders, monitor staff and contractors, create access schedules and generate audit trails.

Electronic Keying Australia provides two versions of EKA System's software which include CyberAudit and CyberAudit Web. The CuberAudit software is access based and can be perfect for smaller or single site applications. CybrAudit is designed to work on a stand alone computer and it can accommodate up to 350 locks and 350 keys.

The CyberAudit Web software can be suitable for applications with large numbers of keys and locks as well as installations with numerous sites.

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