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Redundant switchover unit

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MITEQ’s redundancy switching unit (RSU), available from Electronic Development Sales , monitors the status of up to eight frequency converters.

When a fault is detected, the defective converter is automatically taken off line and replaced by the standby synthesised frequency converter.

The converters are connected by a switch matrix located on the rear panel. A defective converter is taken off line by physically removing its input/output signal lines and connecting them to the standby converter via the switch matrix.

This ensures continuous operation while the fault is corrected or allows for routine maintenance without disrupting signal transmission.

The RSU may also be monitored and controlled from a system controller over a remote bus. Except for dc voltage monitor and remote bus data format, all front panel controls and indications are available to a controller over the remote bus.

Options include: 50Ω IF impedance; remote RS422, RS232 bus control; automatic/switchback operation (for use in systems without remote control.

Features include:

· Redundant protection for up to eight converters (field expandable).

· Two redundant power supplies in the RSU.

· Fault status indication for each of the on-line converters and the standby converter.

· Fault status indication for the RSU (power supplies and switch matrix operation) both local and remote mode.

· Four converter operating modes (on-line, off-line, standby and not used) individual priority levels for each converter.

· Automatic frequency update of an on-line converter when used with an RS485 remote bus.

· Complete control and monitoring capability over a remote bus (RS485 standard, RS232 and RS422 optional).

· Control and status monitoring of the standby converter over the remote bus.

· Front panel digital display of dc voltages.

· Compensation for gain differences between an on-line and the standby converter.

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